Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

ROSELLA TEA for Daily Healthy Endurance

ROSELLA TEA is kind of traditional metode made product for healthy drink consume. Made by Hibiscus sabdariffa as the only one content because it's a tea product. Almost everday we can consume, because Rosella containing multivitamins including vitamin C that good to neutralizing the affect of free radical.

* Can balencing weight,
* Lowering blood Cholesterol,
* Lowering Blood pressure,
* As a detox,
* Reducing the fat in the Liver clotting,
* Inhibitting the growth of cancer,
* Reducing headache/migrane.

Try it and BETTER soon :)) God Willing
"Never Give Up for Better Chance"

DISTRIBUTOR Person : Tacuk Maryori
For reserfation plese contact : (031)8982121